Susanne Björkdahl Ordell

Hallo, my name is Susanne Björkdahl Ordell and I am a lecturer in pedagogics at the University of Borås. Borås is called the textile capital of Sweden, which means that we have had a lot of textile mills and industries, which now is history, but we still have many of the main offices for textile companies and one of Sweden’s best textile education at our university. We also have Sweden’s best textile museum in Borås, which we will visit during your stay here. Textile in the city will be one of four themes presented at our course “Building the education city – how to find pedagogical resources within urban places”.

My professional interest has always been in education, as a lecturer in pedagogics, and my private interest in textile. Coming to Borås and the School of Education, gave me the great opportunity to combine these two interests. My research focus has been textiles, how to influence the activities in pre-school both as an aesthetic activity and using textile as a tool for learning. We have for many years, had a research project called Count with textiles. The idea has been carried out in preschools and in pre-school class, children six years of age, learning mathematics through textile activities.










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