Monica Hammarnäs



My name is Monica Hammarnäs, from the University of Borås, Sweden. I have been teaching at the University of Borås for many years, nearly thirty years! I have met many students under these years and it has been fantastic to follow these young people – to see how they development under their education.

My first education was as a pre-school-teacher and I work some years in pre-schools. Latter I started with further qualifications in sociology, pedagogies, economics history and history and then a Master of Art. From 1990 to 1996, I have been the head of Department School of Education Behavioural Education and started a new pre-school education. This period of my life was both interesting but also stressful. Under this phase I start an exchange-program with different partners in Europe and I have a special love to Lisboa and the staff at ESEI Maria Ulrich! Our department has grown and now we train teachers at all levels from pre-school teacher to high schools-teachers (1.300 students).

Today I´m also international coordinator for students studies to become pre-school-teachers.

In 1997-2000, I was involved in a Comenius-project “Emergency Education”, with ESEI Maria Ulrich and Queen Mauds College for Early Childhood Education, in Norway.

In 1998, I was course-director for “Teaching Refugees, – as professional challenge- an Ethical responsibility” together with ESEI Maria Ulrich and Queen Mauds College for Early Childhood Education in Norway. I have also been developing work about Early Childhood in several research projects together with the University of Gothenburg.

The last five years, I have training pre-school-teachers in a single subject course in Reggio Emilia philosophy – I´m very interested of this philosophy and pedagogy. In this course-syllabus, one of the methods is art and how important art are for children’s learning and development.


Personal details

Married, two sons – one is psychologist and one is graphic designer. Both live in Stockholm.

I have a cat Stina – she is now 17 years old.

I like to be in the nature, walk in forest and pick mushrooms, play golf, be together with friends. Sometimes traveling to other cultures, food and reading!









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