Mats Andersson


Teaching portfolio.

Mats Andersson E-mail: mats.andersson @
Lilla Risåsgatan 20
41 304 Gothenburg

1. Teacher training.

Education, 30 hp, 1977
Image and Art, 180 hp, 1979-1982
Media Education, 15 hp, 1998
Pedagogy, 30 hp, 2001,
(Perspectives o methods of pedagogical research, pedagogical theory, Educational Theory o pedagogical practices)
Art didactics, 15 hp, 2002
Basic Education perspective, 15 hp, 2002
Leadership, 15 hp, 2005
Leadership II, 7.5 hp, 2005
Organizational Perspectives on Education, 7.5 hp, 2006
Art didactics, I, 15 hp, 2008
Higher University College Education course, 15hp, 2008
Art didactics, II, 15 hp, 2009
Teacher education and science, 7.5 credits in 2009
Masters in Education at the University of Borås, started autumn 2010


2006-01-01 – 2006-06-30 employed as a lecturer in Art and Illustration 20%
2006-07-01 – 2006-10-31 employed as a lecturer in Art and Illustration 50%
2006-11-01 – for the time being employed as a lecturer in Art and Illustration 100%

My service is located at the Department of Education at the University of Borås.
In my service to and visual activities, I work integrated in approximately 18 courses.
I supervise external groups, preschool teachers in their organization and change management.
I lecture on the Reggio Emilia philosophy and its basic thoughts on preschools around in the county.
In my service also includes literary workshops and writing curriculum and course guides for courses “Specialization Art”, “Art Education” and “Aesthetic forms of expression”.



2. Pedagogical philosophy and approach.

My philosophy in teaching is that all individuals are competent to learn if given time, tools and inspiration. This involves a variety of parts more or less fit together and is intertwined in various ways depending on the time and place, group and individual.
“The skilled man” means to me a fundamental view that all may have the desire and willingness to learn new things.
The consequence is that it is up to me as an educator to both bring out these abilities of those who do not think they take that opportunity but also to maintain desire in the person already, some but need to be challenged in new ideas and structures.



3. First year.

My experience from our first year at place in Portugal are numerous. Above all, I saw clear evidence of how individual students grew and became confirmed in the meeting with other students from other educational cultures.

I loved to work so much by hand and practical with the theme “The City as Classroom.”

It confirmed the theories of the “power of the hand” and the unlimited possibilities of imagination. To trust the aesthetic learning processes and the visual literacy became even more important to me and made me both happy and comfortable at ease.

We need to trust your imagination and the unlimited.











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