Teresa Meireles



My name is Teresa Meireles and I`m very happy to participate in this Project with a group of fantastic colleagues. To me, this project represents the opportunity to connect different areas that I`m interested in. All the different expressions that we are going to work with, and the subject “City” as a pedagogical experience in the contemporary life, is a challenge for all the skills that I have learnt during my life.

I worked from 1986 to 1998 has an Early Childhood Educator. Meanwhile, during my practice, I always had formation in Art Education. (Drama, Plastic, Theatre, Music and Video) and I tried to make connections in this different areas with the children. After this I did a professional course of producer in Video and I started to work during an year in a production of a Childhood Art Festival where I coordinate a crew that worked in different cites (local) with the schools and teachers using the different areas of expression (Drama, Plastic, Theatre, Music and Video).

After, in 1999, I started to work in ESEI Maria Ulrich and I continued to focus my interest in this subject with the students. During this time I completed a Master degree in Culture and New Technologies. Now I`m studding to obtain a Doctoral degree (PhD) in Contemporary Culture and New Technologies.


Personal Details

I am 46 years old and have two daughters, one is 17 years and other 1 year and this difference makes my life very interesting and dynamic. Sometimes I change dippers and another I wait for the disco journey at latest hours. I like very much all kind of artistic sessions from music concerts to art exhibitions. I love to travel and know different cities and I have the privilege of knowing lots of places and lots of different persons.









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