Soli Fransson


My name is Soli Fransson and I’m twenty-two years old. I was born and raised in Borås. I am studying to become a teacher for pre-school class and compulsory school recreational activities. Before I started to study I worked one year as a substitute teacher. I see myself as a happy and motivated person with a good sense of humour. And I would describe me as an outgoing creative and curious person. I’m interested in learning other languages, to travel and to learn about other cultures. On my spare time I like to be with my friends (my twinie Fatima), family, read and I like to run. I also have a huge passion of the wonderful sport, football, which I both play and love to watch.

Last semester I got the chance to study abroad as an Erasmus student. This had been a big dream of me since I started to study. I lived in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon for four months. During these four months I learned a lot from my practical work, and from the classes of ESEI Maria Ulrich. This was a very big experience, which has made a big impact on me as a person and as a future teacher, and also how I now live my life. During my time as an exchange student in Portugal I got to know a new language and a new culture. It was also very interesting to get the knowledge on how the Portuguese pre-school works and to experience new friendships, and meetings among persons.

What I think about this project is that it will be an opportunity to learn how my city (Borås) can provide meaningful activities towards our children. I also see this as an opportunity for us as students and teachers from different countries to learn from each other and to make new friendships. I see this intensive course as something that will challenge me and provide me with new creative views of teaching. I hope this course will inspire me and give me ideas in my future work as a teacher.

Beijo, Bacio & Puss









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