Sofia Caldas


Hi everyone,
My name is Sofia and I’m 32 years old. I live in Carcavelos, near Lisbon in Portugal.
I’m in the second year of the graduation for Early Childhood Education at Maria Ulrich School.

I’ve been working with children for nine years, always trying to think and act out of the box. Two years ago I decided to learn something more and to consolidate my knowledge at university.
Currently I don’t have much free time, but when I have, I like to walk, read, socialize with friends…essentially live and enjoy life. I consider myself a fun and friendly person.
When I learned about this program, I signed up not really knowing what the subject was. Later, after being selected I read about it, and found it really interesting. Urban spaces have great potential for children to explore and learn.

Usually we promote the children’s knowledge about nature, animals and countryside. Realities they don’t find in the city where they live in. Why not use city’s identity, culture, buildings, streets, exhibitions, theaters, museums… as tools to educate?

My contribution will be my constant curiosity and willingness to learn and to share experiences.







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