Rute Coelho

Hello Again to all Swedish and Italian.

I´m Rute, and I’m 39 years old. Since the last time we’ve met I’ve learned much more and experienced even more. I improved my knowledge, my vision my understanding of everything. Also since last time, I have two beloved cats, Tintim is all grown now and have new responsibilities since a new member has been add to the family, my little cat Kaká. I still live in the quiet and peaceful Sobral de Monte Agraço, where “time stops”. My eldest son started this year a challenge in his live: Start the studies to become a male nurse.


1. Reflecting on the IP’s first year, share ideas about your experience.

It was a very good and enriching experience since I’ve met other people and understood other ways of thinking. It was great to work with other people because in that way there’s always more than one opinion and that doesn’t mean that anything is wrong, it just means that there are other ways of seeing things, understanding things. I’ve learned how to improve communication. I also had the opportunity to be part of a great group, discovering and showing to all participants, a small part of the city of Lisbon, a neighborhood called Chiado.

2. What does it mean to you to participate in this IP for the second year?

I’m looking forward to participate in this IP for the second year because in the first year I had the honor to present my city to other teachers and students. I had the chance to discover a place in the city to work with children and I was given the opportunity to feel it like an educational city.

Now it’s my turn to know and discover a new city, Borås. I’m anxious to learn about a new culture, costumes and ways of thinking, to gather all my experience to new ideas in order to improve my knowledge.


3- How can you contribute to it?

Like I understood Lisbon, I hope to have the same experience in Borås.

One year has gone passed and I´m feeling more mature, a result of the great experience that I had last year with this IP, and for this year I hope to contribute to the understanding of a city as a place for children, sharing my ideas and enthusiasm. Nowadays, we live in a rush, and it´s important that we stop to listen the world around us.

The contribute I also want to give this year is to listen and learn…

We must do our best!









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