Rafaela Abrantes

Hello, I am Rafaela Abrantes and I am 22 years old.

I am finishing a Masters in Preschool Education in Maria Ulrich University.

Besides studying, I do babysitting, animation festivals for children and I also teach creative dance and dance wheel at different schools.

I belong to a group of Folk Dance, called Folkzitas, where in addition to being a dancer I am also a monitor for the group “Folkzitas Mini”, which includes children from 3 to 6 years old.

I decided to integrate this intensive programme because my colleagues told me, with great enthusiasm, all about their experience last year, so I’m sure I will not regret being part of the team this year.

The theme of this intensive programme is very appealing, since it show us how to use the street as a teaching resource. The street is something that is always at our disposal and that most of the time is not valued as a mean to learn. So, I hope to bring a different view of Sweden and some new ideas to put into practice.

I think that being in a different country is an incredible opportunity to experience a new culture and essentially know a little more about their values in regard to education.

I hope to contribute to this intensive programme with my willingness, curiosity, especially with the availability and enthusiasm to learn more.










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