Natacha Fonseca


Hello to all Swedish and Italian!

I’m Natasha, I am twenty-two years old and I live near Almada. I am currently finishing the last stage in a kindergarten with children who are 4/5/6 years old and have two children with special educational needs which is a great challenge. I’m babysitting two children who are two and four years old.

Last year I also attended, with a lot of enthusiasm, the intensive program and it was a great experience. It was a challenge and a pleasure to work together with different people, who think and work in different ways. I could share ideas with these people, reflect, change as a person and professional and laugh a lot. I learned to better accept criticism, to communicate in different ways, looking at the same places in different ways and discovering new things, working towards a common goal. I found that we learn more together, with others, and sharing knowledge, feelings and experiences. Two weeks that were very intense, with a lot of work but also with great joy.

For this program I am happier and more excited, because I’ve been in Sweden and it will be very good to go back, where I’ve been happy and where I learned a lot through swedish culture and ways of working with children (which I love). I hope I can learn even more and better about the city of Boras, come back to see places that are special to me now, find others and share my experience with you all. I always wanted to return and now I can, with other aims in mind. I hope that in this second year of intensive programme I can meet new people, review some people who participated last year and go back to learn better, sharing experiences with everyone.

Like in Lisbon, I hope to better understand the city of Borås and how it can be a place for children, how they can discover and learn based on their curiosity, how the teacher can be a mediator, but also the transmitter of values with whom children establish a positive and significant bond. Together (the child and the teacher) can figure out what’s in a better place.

I hope that in these two weeks I will contribute with my experience, with my joy, with my enthusiasm and my ideas, sharing ways of working together.

Let’s all do our best!

Natacha Fonseca







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