Joana Pulido

My name is Joana Pulido, I’m from Portugal and last year I had the chance of living one of the most enriching experiences of my life.
It was two fantastic weeks, in which changing knowledge and meeting several delighting personalities was a privilege.
On a level of emotions and relations we spent some intensive days: we worked, we walked through the city, had fun and laughed a lot.

I grew up a little bit with each and single one of the people I met, in a personal level as much as a professional one.

Thank you and a big kiss to all of them, especially to the Chiado’s friends!

This year we are the guests in Sweden, a wonderful country with extraordinary people, and we sure are very excited.

I hope it will turn out to be a very enriching experience at several levels, because they are professionals with a different vision, an “open-mind” vision about how to educate.
With Countries as Portugal, Sweden and Italy, with their unique culture and costumes, in a happy, dynamic and cooperative environment, we become more capable people, having as a goal the education of tomorrow’s adults, the children of today.

I´m looking forward to see you all!

Best Regards.







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