Ana Gaspar

Hello, my name is Ana Isabel. I’m 22 years old and I live in Lisbon.

I am delighted to participate again in this IP. For me it is very important to learn how to find teaching resources in urban places, particularly on city streets. Education does not only happen within the classroom.

The first year of the IP was very interesting and contributed a lot to my development as a person and professional. I enjoyed receiving students from Sweden and Italy as well as their teachers.

I learned that there are many learning resources in the streets of Lisbon and it is important to take children to discover the city from different perspectives.

In this second year of the IP, I hope to get to know a bit the Swedish culture,  to meet up with the students and teachers I got to know last year, to learn and live new experiences that enrich my learning and help me to be a better professional. I will try to contribute the best I can, because the English language is a bit of a barrier to  my communication with others. But there are many other ways to communicate and so I hope to contribute a lot in this IP.

I am very excited and hope this year will be even better than last year.

See you soon,
Ana Gaspar









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