Silvia Bitelli

My name is Silvia and I am 31 years old. I live in Modena, a town not far from Bologna, with my family, which is composed by my husband, our four fat and lazy cats and our very spoiled dog.

Some years ago I took a degree in Modern Literature, than I worked for a year as a sales assistant in a company, but I was not happy doing it; finally I began working as a teacher of humanities in a private school.

I like very much my job, even if at the moment it is temporary, because it gives me the opportunity to stay with children and young people. Just my job gave me the input to study more: last summer, while I was preparing an examination to teach the Italian language to foreigners, I read a book which explained the enormous possibilities which are in children’s mind and I decided to discover more about them. So since last September I have been attending the first year of the new degree’s course for primary school and nursery teachers at the University of Bologna. I don’t know exactly what I would like to become after this course, but after only a few months I am delighted because I have just learnt many interesting notions, and every day I feel more interested in every activity which relates to children and education, so I am sure that it is the right way for me!

When I think of the IP theme, it comes to my mind the figure of the Italian pedagogist Giuseppina Pizzigoni,  about whom I learnt much a few months ago. I like her ideas very much, and her message on the need of exploiting all the resources of the environment in which children live, with the specific aim to improve the  potentiality of the educational space; I find it very interesting, and this project gives me the concrete opportunity to experience it.

This experience will give me the possibility to meet new people from other countries, and thus to get points of view of other cultures. Actually, in my routinary life I hardly have the possibility to share new ideas or different perspectives of education with some other people, because my friends and relatives are not involved in these topics: for this reason I think this could be a great opportunity to improve my knowledge and open my mind.

About my contribution, I think that it is a very difficult question! I think that of course I could contribute with my opinions, my studies, my experiences; even if I have never officially worked with children in a nursery or in a primary school, I have about 13 years experience in babysitting and private lessons to children of every age. Thus my wish is to be involved in this project, especially because I think I can learn a lot from all the contributors.







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