Laura Govoni



Hi everyone! I am Laura, I am 28 years old and I live in Ferrara (little city near Bologna), with my boyfriend and my three cat!

I am a worker and a student, I attend the 3rd year of Scienze della Formazione Primaria at the Bologna University.  Actually, this is my second degree. My first degree was in “Scienze Motorie” and now I work in a dance training centre as a teacher. I worked as a teacher in a primary school until last year, since I chose to focus on my study.

I have always been interested in the “Erasmus” project, but, since I graduated in high school, I have been busy working, so I couldn’t. But compared to ordinary “Erasmus” projects, this one is shorter which is very good to me, as it won’t interfere with my job.


What comes to your mind considering the IP “Finding pedagogical resources within urban places- building the education city”?

I think it can be an experience I can explore in my future job as a primary school teacher. I hope it can be a cue for new didactic activity about citizenship, how to use territory resources, decentralised classes…

What does it mean to you?
Really, I am so happy to take part of this! It’s my first Erasmus project and I will be involved in a way in which I will practice my English competences: this will be a real challenge for me!

How would you contribute to the IP?
I will bring all my care and my will to collaborate with the colleagues, to find and build together new ways, new means…








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