Ilenia Posteraro

Hello everybody! My name is Ilenia, I’m 22 years old. I have been living in Bologna for three years and here I’m attending the University, in particular the third year of the course “social and cultural educator”.

Currently I work at a primary school with children from 6 to 11 years before and after the lessons.

With those children I’ve made up a project call “a city near the children”. All together students have built a scale model of a city as they like it would be.

From this work I’ve thought that “an educational city“ is a city in which even children can have spaces to have different kind of experiences linked to their interests. For these reasons I think it’s important for educators to know the city and what it can offer to people. With this knowledge we can think of different ways to contribute to building an educational city.

For example, we can bring children around the city visiting the nature or the monuments, and through these experience we can make children thinking of the environment, of the civility, of the rules a society has or would have. We can help children to get in touch with persons from other generations or other cultures, being in their city to make them dialoguing with these realities.








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