Giorgia Olezzi

I’m Giorgia Olezzi, I’m 26 years old and I graduated in Education Science in March 2007. In the same year I started to work as a social educator in a community for women and their children, who have got social, psychological and economic disadvantages, sometimes they are also victims of cases of violence. Nowadays I’m attending the first year of a Pedagogy degree. My job and my studies take me lots of time, so I haven’t got much free time, but I manage to play basketball, I love it! Twice a week I’m a basketball coach, I teach how to play to twenty nice girls, who are between 7 and 10 years old.

About “Finding pedagogical resources within urban places- building the education city”, the first thing that comes to my mind are spaces dedicated to children in our cities and the possibility of seeing the resources and the limits related to it. I think urban context can help children to grow up but at the same time it can deprive them from lots of experiences because it doesn’t adapt to their needs and to their time to grow.

The IP means thinking a city suitable for children, by discovering resources which are already available and new possibilities. In a background where playful and educational environment is changed dramatically and our children increasingly grow up in adult’s world, it means building a city where children could live and learn to be citizens by means of daily positive experiences, that become very important.

I think we could observe and develop proposals, keeping in mind the point of views of the child. The key point is the opportunity to work in a group and compare our opinions, each one could bring his personal experience and ideas. My experience is working with children in contexts outside schools, where education is transmitted in an indirect way.  I believe I can be an active part of the project because my experience is really close to the target of the project “building the education city”, despite my experience comes from other contexts. Another basic point of interest will be the possibility to study the urban context of the city of Borås and compare it to Italian context.







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