Chiara Fanti

I’m 20 and I’m studying to become a teacher because I love children.

I really like listening to music, playing guitar and singing, even if sometimes I’m out of tune…!! My favourite hobby

is writing songs and poems which represent my whole soul.


1. I think we will visit Borås: nature, environment, animals and everything this city can offer to create a different didactic starting from the observation of children.

2.  It is very important and fascinating because we will directly meet and make another kind of didactic which is not only the traditional front lesson, but it could be discussion, freedom, travels, happiness, opportunities, observation, collaboration, imagination, curiosity, emotions and other important things which can help us to learn with joy and even fun. So, we will try to extend the definition of didactic through the activities planned.

3. We are a group and we will help to each other; everyone of us will cooperate in bringing this plan into effect. But, at the same time, it is fundamental to say that every person has special qualities which can contribute to rise in value this experience.








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