Carolina Selli

Hi everybody!

I’m Carolina, I live in Bologna, an italian medieval town. I think my city is particular because of its architecture, in fact it is famous for the arcades that you can find almost everywhere. This is something that you can find only here!

In my family we are six, I have two older sisters, one brother and also a big and all black dog named Platone.

What about me…  I like reading, travelling, spending time with friends and also children and going to the gym.

I think I’m an optimist person, curious about what is new. I love to travel: in this way you can see different places and find out new people, different cultures, others worlds.

I have always loved children, indeed, four years ago, I started University: I decided to begin this way that I hope will lead me on to become a good teacher.

It has been about about eight years that my family takes part of an association that every year, in the summer, hosts young girls and boys from all over the world for cultural exchange.

This is a wonderful experience to come in contact with other people, to know different cultures.

It’s really fantastic to host them because you can find a new culture, way of living, environment and food. This is, in my opinion, an unique experience.

This experience in Borås will be certainly fantastic. This IP means a lot to me: first of all I think it’s important to exploit the natural resources of any city, at University we studied that it’s very important that children “live” the city: they have to know how much it’s basic what they have around themselves.

Children have to consider themselves a fundamental part of their own city: they have to know that their way of leaving must be responsible, the family has an important role in it.

Everyone, in his own small way, can do something: respect in general the environment; in particular we don’t have to forget our traditions, we don’t absolutely pollute. “Live the city” it’s an important subject that we can find in many Italian school projects.

In this experience I hope to contribute to the IP in two different ways: first of all with my University studies, I think that what I learnt will be useful.

Moreover, I believe that everyone of us will be contribute with his personality: I think that every person has something to teach to the entire group; I consider myself an open-minded girl prepared to accept different ways of thinking, ready to live a new experience that will represent an important chance for my personal growth.





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