Agnese Lamarra

Hi everyone, I’m Agnese, I’ll turn 23 next week and I study at the University of Bologna, I graduated last year in Educator in Early Childhood Services and now I’m attending the first year in Pedagogy. I live in a small town one hour from Bologna, so everyday it takes two ours for me to get there by train and come back. I attended a scientific and technological high school, so switch into a purely humanistic and social faculty has been a huge jump for me, but I really like to study children’s psychology, behaviour and habits, so I think I’ve found my way! I really love children, since I was a kid I’ve used to spent hours with the youngest cousins or friends’ siblings.

Since January, I make some substitutions in preschools when I’m not at university, so lately my life has became quite busy! I’m actively involved in the local Scout’s group, where I’ve been operating for several years, and in particular I carry out the role of chief scout, and then as an educator, of a group of boys and girls aged 12 to 16 years. Our goals are to educate to outdoor life, learn survival techniques and construction of objects of first necessity, learn how to live in a community and therefore respect and mutual aid. Fundamentals are also the time of the game and faith, and it is interesting to have the opportunity to witness the change of an individual which soon passes from childhood to young adult, though it is often difficult to find the tools to engage people who are going through a extremely delicate period of their lives.

Since I have participated last year in the Intensive Program, I have a strong desire to give continuity to a path that has become extremely important for me and for my career. In Lisbon, I had the opportunity to understand the functioning and usefulness of the project and fully investigate the essential questions for my future as a pedagogist. In addition, Sweden is among my highest ambitions for my future projects, as I would like to make a working period in this Country after graduating, so participating to the IP in Borås will add the possibility to know the Swedish reality and create contacts with the local University, learning by direct experience a system that so far I could only study! Not least and most of all, there is the issue of sharing and exchanging information with people from different cultures, a huge resource, useful to expand my own knowledges and revise my opinions, highly valuable opportunity for a pedagogist that has to deal with a complex system of institutions and adults, the latter very often coming from different countries and cultures.

The project plan is extremely interesting and challenging, too often the children views are not considered, and it is up to adults to reverse the situation, so I think this is an incredible opportunity for those who want to come off the ground and try to give space to the extremely complex and creative minds of the youngest.

So, let’s do our best!








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