Using natures own colours – Susanne Björkdahl Ordell   RECIPE FOR DYEING WOOL WITH NATURAL COLOURS   FABRIC: applicable to wool or other animal (protein) fibres. YOU WILL NEED: • 100 grams of natural wool • fill a pot halfway with leaves or herbs • 1-2 tablespoons of alum (the mineral that helps the … Continue reading

Day 5

  The groups spent the day working on their themes:   Playgrounds in the City – Getting inspiration from an exhibition at Kulturhuset   Textile in the City    City near Nature   Sculptures in the City          

Building the Education City – Video


Day 4

  “Playground in the city” / Introduction Kristina Bartley Declaration of Human Rights of Children  Art.2 – Non discrimination “A child friendly city is friendly and inclusive for all children” Art.12 – Children are seen and heard in a Child Friendly City “Childhood here and now” Art. 31 – Right to Play What is play? Are … Continue reading

Day 3

  City near nature / Introduction: Maria Ferlin   Coffee break   “Using natures own colours” with Susanne Björkdahl Ordell   Dyeing wool with red beetroots     Picking nettles to make soup   Cooking Nettle Soup and frying leaves   Pedagogical activities in the nature with Maria Ferlin          

Day 2

  Sculpture in the city / Introduction: Mats Andersson   Ellen Jafferner takes us on a tour around Borås   Textile in the city: Using textile as a tool for learning / Introduction: Susanne Björkdahl Ordell   Visit to the Borås Textile Museum          

Day 1

    Monica Hammarnäs welcomes all the participants of the Intensive Programme     Individual presentations of the participants (teachers and students)     Panel: Presentations of the Early Childhood Education at Lisboa – Esei Maria Ulrich, at the University of Bologna and at the University of Borås     Presentation of the task, corresponding to … Continue reading

A message…

Dear Students, Dear Teachers, Dear Friends, How are you? I hope you are all just fine! It´s wonderful to visit “Building the Education City II” Blog, and read about this year’s project -who is participating, the chosen focus on urban places (from a child’s perspective – what a good choice!) and the schedule for the … Continue reading

Hotel – Borås

  Hi everyone Here is a link to the Hotel where the international students and teachers are going to stay: For more information about the city of Borås please visit the following site: Best regards!            

Schedule for the Intensive Programme

  Dear friends, In the following document you will find a preliminary schedule for our Intensive Programme: Download pdf here