Group Work



Textile in the City

“Our group reflected over different possible ways that teachers can show children of preschool and primary school the presence of textile in the city, where they live and to approach them to an instructive but funny and creative use of different types of materials.”

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City near Nature

“Our aim is to let the children learn in, from and about the nature, and look at things from their point of view. In our activities we want the children to explore and make them get in touch with the nature, both in and around the city. We as teachers will guide and not force children in exploring the nature, so they can both learn and feel by themselves, with our support. We want to create an atmosphere that gives them the freedom to have their own time and space for movements.”

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Playgrounds in the City

We talked about three different perspectives: adult, children and society’s perspective. All three of them are important to be seen and it is good to know about differences between them. We took different pictures from different perspectives and we saw that in each one of them we could find all three ones. To build the education city we have to add the children’s point of view to the adult’s one in order to balance and improve society.”

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Sculptures in the City

“We think that children can consider a sculpture not only a dead thing or an object placed in the middle of the city, in different spaces, but it can be something else, a tool from which they can develop their senses and motor, emotional, cognitive, social skills, besides learning the colours, the shapes and so on.”

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